Our Expertise

All about Truffles

The taste of truffle and the love of a family
developed more than 100 years ago.

Our secret ingredient

Our secret ingredient is the combination of savoir-faire, passion, and care.

All this has been passed down from one generation to the next – starting in the backroom of the first store founded in Montecastrilli (Italy) in 1911 by Sabatino and Giuseppina Balestra – and has been raised to an industrial scale. An artisan-inspired production that we develop, preserve and of which we are extremely proud.

A 100-Year long passion

Love for truffles, passion, dedication, and great care are the ingredients you will always find in every Truffle Zest® jar because we love our products as much as our consumers do.
For this reason, we want to give them only the best, as we have been doing since the very beginning.

Carefully selected ingredients

We choose only the freshest raw materials, which we select and combine to give our products the unmistakable taste that has made them unique since the very beginning.

Our Suppliers: A Relationship based
on Trust

We work together to keep the promise we made to our consumers, a promise we also intend to keep in the future: a unique product.

The Importance of
Quality Checks