At this point, we’re willing to bet you’ve had your fair share of takeout food. And on top of that, you probably have an exhaustive list of your preferred restaurants to order in from. We know we do: *takes a bite from a Frank Pepe’s slice*.

But let’s face it, sometimes eating the same thing over and over again - even though it’s delicious - can get a little boring. And we certainly can’t accept ‘boring’. Who else gets bummed after an unsatisfactory meal? We sure do. Behold a truffle twist to all of your takeout classics to ensure that your food is in fact never, ever boring. 

Don’t worry, we’re not going to get too wild here. We know that the whole reason for takeout food is the allure of instant gratification, ease, and supporting our favorite restaurants. 

Whether you’re ordering food for just yourself, family, or friends, check out these 10 ways to upgrade your takeout, Truffle Zest Edition: 


Anyone else have Pizza Fridays? A truffle lover should know that pizza is one of our favorite ways to use as a vehicle for truffles. It’s the perfect landing site for shavings of fresh truffles, dashes of Truffle Zest Hot, Truffle Zest or Truffle Zest & Cheese. You can truly add truffles to any slice of pizza but if it’s your first time, we recommend a white pie. That’s right. Keep it simple. That beautiful gleaming slice of white pizza will practically sing when truffles touch it. 

Another one of our classic go-to truffle combinations is adding truffles to pasta. The variety of pasta alone makes for a very special, beautiful experience each time with truffles. The different shapes and sizes, sauces, and texture…put quite frankly, pasta is magical. We’re going to lean on that side of simplicity and suggest adding truffles to cleaner, more subtle flavors of pasta. Think sage and butter ravioli, carbonara, or cacio e pepe. Tossing in our classic Truffle Zest or Truffle Zest & Cheese will make each bite all that more luxurious.

There’s a lot of fun to be had with sushi, nigiri, and sashimi when it comes to truffles. There’s been an increase of popularity in the use of truffles in this cuisine and we’d like to attribute it to the umami characteristics from a truffle. That being said, you may not find truffle offerings at your local restaurant (yet) but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it at home. Try spicing up your plain soy sauce with a sprinkle or two of Truffle Zest Hot, taste before adding any wasabi! 

There’s no taco we met that we didn’t love. Soft tacos, hard tacos, standing tacos or sitting tacos -- we love them all. Especially when it packs a punch. Add some sprinkles of our Truffle Zest Hot to give that spicy flavorful kick you deserve.

Ah, bagels. They’ve gotten quite the buzz recently and haven't they? READ OUR BAGEL ARTICLE HERE. We’re still on the fence about the NY vs LA bagel controversy. But what we do know is that a bagel is the perfect way to start your Sunday morning. A steaming hot cup of coffee, a side of pulpy (or non-pulpy…we know it’s a touchy subject) orange juice, and a warm bagel with smooth cream cheese… nothing gets better than tha- oh wait. It does, with truffles. We went for salting our fatty delicious cream cheese with a touch of Truffle Zest for that extra pop of flavor.

Did you know that French fries are the most ordered food in the U.S during the Covid pandemic? Of course, not shocking at all, since they are in fact, the best. And for our truffle lovers out there, truffle fries are where it’s at - IYKYK. If you’re left with boring regular fries, have no fear, Truffle Zest & Cheese is here.

Now, we might ruffle some feathers when we say this, but we feel that a burger needs ketchup. And better yet, Truffle Zest. We’re pretty sure you saw that one coming. But it is really, really good. Does anyone order hot dogs? If you do, this applies to them as well - we’re equal opportunists here.

How do you eat your egg rolls? We love shaking Truffle Zest Hot to get that incredible crunchy, fresh, and spicy bite. 

Pad Thai receives the runner-up award for the second most ordered food in the U.S. during the pandemic, and we’re here for it. Dash on Truffle Zest for an outstanding truffle twist - you’ll probably never go back to plain pad thai again.

Dash some Truffle Zest & Cheese onto your wings for a truffle pop! The cheesy addition will add another layer of complex flavor for you to savor. 


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